"We are the measure of all things.

And the beauty of our creation, of our art

is proportional to the beauty of our souls."

Jonas Mekas

She is art.

Her form and beauty displayed raw.

Strength and refrain unfiltered, her soul displayed on the canvas of life.

Her posts dropped my jaw. 

Her art, her prose, her authenticity spurred me to continue my creation, Kenoath - during the most challenging of times.

How can art do that?

That's what art does.


Truly it is our greatest honour to feature the stunning Australian actress and model, Pia Sims and her little rig Betty.

"Betty is the 4th HB I've owned in my lifetime. I just adore them.

There is nothing like the simple, stripped back appeal of a drive in Betty and her 4 little cylinders of awesome!

I know she ain't the tuffest of Toranas, but there's certainly no denying her place in the history of Holden"

Pia's instagram page is a rich tapestry of sassy imagery and thought provoking reflections. A showcase of life being lived full.

Her acting and modelling career has seen her criss cross across the continent with a showbag full of wild vocations and experiences...

..and we arrive at Pia's next passion project.

So if you think Betty's interior is red and lush..

...then have a crack at this.

Betty's Red Star Cafe has just launched in gold city Ballarat. The decour, detail and mood speaks of a bygone era with a jazz club feel. One could say it even has Broadway-esque feel.

Pia's stoke for the Angels project has been infectious and we knew something special was brewing when she teamed up the insanely talented photographer Scott James Prebble.

There was the hint for something more..

Desi, you better send me that Vintage Rock Chick tee?


You'll see!


lady wearing the ken oath rock chick tee guitar

You can check Pia's socials on



A massive thanks to the gifted Scott James Prebble for the stunning photography. You have captured beautifully the essence of Kenoath and this special lady and in doing so pushed us to the next level. Thank you champion.

To Pia. You have no idea how your enthusiasm, support and words of encouragement has moved me. 

We are blessed and honoured to have you embrace and grace Kenoath.

Thank you beautiful lady.

You are a true Rock Star.