The Kenoath Angels project showcases a special breed of Australian ladies and their spectacular rigs.


It's fitting our first Kenoath Angel owns one of the most spectacular muscle cars in Australia.

A lady who stops stops traffic....and that's without her Monaro! 

It's our honour to introduce you to Amy.


kenoath ken oath lady monaro tee t-shirt

Way back at the the re-launch of Kenoath, Amy was one of our first customers.

This stunner blew us away with a piccie and encouraging words. She has been such a generous supporter tagging us in her IG stories and posts. It's no wonder we have so much support in the west!

Motorists are left mesmerised when they see Amy cruising around Perth in her stunning HK.

Eyeballs pop and jaws drop when the homeboys pull up at the lights and spot this dream girl in this dream machine.

lady wearing kenoath t-shirt

We feel blessed Amy has become a dear friend of Kenoath. We leave you with her quote that touched our hearts.


"Its more than just a brand. It's a culture"

 kenoath lady wearing t-shirt holden monaro

Kenoath Angel - Amy 
Rig - HK Monaro
Photographer - Michelle Litchfield. 

Amy's Instagram Page