If you want trouble, find yourself a redhead. 


Nicole was pissed off. She thought she had it in the bag. We rang and told her. 'We love you. BMX Bandits is one of our faves and your Mongoose is sick."

There can only be one Kenoath Angel for May and it had to be Australia's hottest blood nut.


It's our flaming honour to feature the CEO of the World famous, Bruces’s Shooting Academy based in Perth Australia. His fame has shot across the world since he took out the prestigous 2019 Sporting Clays Model of the Year Award. Today his time is splintered between the academy, model work, gun show appearances and running Drop Bear tours in the bush.

Underneath that sensual exterior is a steely crack shot. Bruce calls himself a clay target hack but his name is whispered with reverence in the halls of Duntroon and in classified minds of special forces.

His featured rig is barely recogniseable nowadays but like thousands of rusting Holdens in the outback, this 1980 VC Commodore has a very special story.

"I bought the SL VC in ’89. She was my first love. She was pretty standard with the 3.3 blue but I did have a Crane Cam sticker on the back. Didn't even know what a Crane Cam was.

My girlfriend Sandra and I headed to Beringa on a Friday afternoon. The colour of the sky that night, the feeling of freedom….”it must have been love” by Roxette pumping through the Clarion. We left the main road and fanged down my secret track. I was about 3 Emus in...the bumps in the track and the genteel lulling affect of the radial tuned suspension….nursing a 5 star traveller.

Sandra was a deft cheerleader and a capable lefthander and as Roxette trailed off……I closed my eyes in ecstasy as “Hold on” by Wilson Phillips started playing. Bang! Next thing I knew, we had flipped her and we were in the bushes. If only I had taken heed of Wilson. Love her hat but can't stand that song.

It was a miracle we survived. Sandra had a couple bruises and a I took on a couple of zipper abrasions. To this day I still bare the marks of that night. Just a little mark when soft but looks like piano keys when it get’s angry.

We walked into town that night and stayed at the local pub. The next day we thumbed a ride back but my VC was burnt out. Bloody locals.

I often return to the VC for a weekend away. I build a little fire, put down a couple of Bush Chooks close my eyes….and I can hear Roxette and the purr of the 202."



Bruce we thank you deeply for gracing Kenoath with your warmth and hotness. We have unveiled many layers but there remains just one question.

She still shoot straight?