Kenoath Angel Saraj wearing the Ken Oath top

The moment right after we launched the The Hottie Patrol Tee, we set out on an expedition.

To search for rare a substance. A thing so desired, it makes men weak at the knees. 

So we sent Charlie on an expedition. The directions were simple.

"Beyond those hills young man, seek and you will find. She is out there. An alchemist's fantasy of power, adventure and golden beauty."

So young Charlie, full of fire and excitement set out on Hottle Patrol. 




Introducing Sarah and her insane rig - The Golden Nugget GQ 🔥





Now let's get to the rig. It's our honour to showcase Sarah Hartwell. She is the epitome of the Kenoath Angels vibe. In this case the pics DO tell a thousand words.  She is strong, bold, adventerous and an absolute bellringer of a human.

Sarah's instagram feed is scattered with piss funny memes of engine builds, money pit part laments and offroad addiction. Laconic, sharp and self effacing, it surprised us to learn Sarah only lobbed from Denmark in 2016. Talk about hitting the track running.

This stunner come super athlete, come mud running Patrol junkie has a passion for horse training and spikes her adrenaline with riding horses and the occassional bit of skydiving. When she's not in the saddle she is the tearaway pilot of The Golden Nugget - a 1997 GQ Nissan Patrol.

woman in ken oath tank top in Nissan Patrol

woman leaning on nissan patrol with ken oath crop top

ken oath crop top worn by lady in nissam patrol kenoath

"I bought the Patrol about a year and half ago as a project car. It needed a lot of work. The donk blew up and I decided to get a TD42 built and put in her. I have been ticking away on the jobs and do most of the work myself. I do leave the big mods to the pros...but I am stubborn and love to learn so if I struggle to fix something myself I will watch YouTube videos or ask people I trust.

Right now she's making 150hp with an intercooled turbo, a 3 inch lift and running 35's. I love doing beach drives...but also love the mud."

It's almost unfathomable how anyone can make an IG page with such a tough rig look so lush and glam - but Sarah does it!

Do yourself a favour and check out her Jam.

Sarah thank you so much for honouring Kenoath with your beauty, poise and support.

Massive thank you to Joshua for the insane pics:

lady with ken oath t-shirt

kenoath tee Datsun Nissan Patrol girl on beach ken oath