Rig of the Week 2023

Every week we feature a Kenoath stickered rig.

In December we select our top 4 rigs. Then our followers vote for The Kenoath Rig of the Year.

To be featured just DM us your piccies, tag us or send your pics to des@kenoath.com.au

Kyra - 1988 TD42 SHAWTY

Kyra has built her own Freedom Machine with this classic '88 Shawty. These machines are becoming a modern classic. Highyly capable offroad and as cool as fck. Thank you Kyra for being such a fab supporter of Kenoath!


Kade has owned this fabulous Falcon since he was 10 years old. This GL started life as a cop car but is now a mint and much love weekend cruiser. With some essential mods like a bit of lowering, mild cam, exhaust and a Kenoath Sticker.

Amazing pics and full credit to the photgrapher TETIK MEDIA

Kenoath Sticker Rig of the Week Ford Falcon

 Ford Falcon XE with Kenoath Sticker. Ken Oath.

 Josh's 79_one_tonner

This is rig is about Australian as it gets! Fken legendary. We asked Josh what was under the hood. "202 and as stock as fuck"

These shots have taken the whole feature to another level. Thanks mate.

Kenoath Rig of the Week 79 Holden Ute - with Ken Oath sticker

Michael Bennie - 2015 Ford Ranger XLT

Michael is a charger with salt and adventure running through his veins. He got the the toys and not afraid to use them!  Captured here on his favourite spot, Aldinga Beach in his beloved 2015 Ford Ranger XLT. A classic modern Freedom Machine. You can follow Michael's adventures at Mick Bennie Jetski Fishing Caravan

Jase and his 1978 Nissan Patrol G60

This machine is a beast. It is old school porn wrapped up with 350DZ 5.7L Chev V8 coupled to a 5 speed box. She ain't no mall crawler as Jase takes her regularly up to Fraser Island cruising the beach and slaying greenback tailor.

We are so honoured to be badged on such a very very special rig. You fken bewdy Jase.

Redmond and his 2012 SS VE Commodore 6.0 V8

'I love Kenoath Clothing and everthing it stands for, I also noticed the Rig of the Week thingy and I would like to enter, actually penetrate, (we don't use the word penetrate enough anymore) my sunburnt VE Dunnydoor.

It was a stock as pie with no sauce 20212 SS 6.0 VE COMMY. It was built in a time when Australia mined it's ore in WA, then sent this minaral to SA to be pressed into steel for Holden. The coal from QLD made its way south to fire the mills and everyon got a drink.

I love this old sunburned Holden, it has an exhaust leak at the moment and it makes me smile. It has a broken door handle and a saggy roof lining from most likely being made by Gary and Trevor on a Friday! It has a 6.0 litre 6 bolt all ally EFI Chev.

Wanna rev it? Chev it. Does it do a burnout and cart an esky? Kenoath it does.'

- Redmond.

Man with Ken Oath Sticker with Holden Commodore

 Rachael mumbod4x4 / Suzuki Jimny

Rachael runs a wicked Instagram Page and is a fine ambassador for the legends over at 4wd Cartel 

We were amped whe we first saw the vids of Rachale with the Kenoath sticker.  And the mods keep coming! Nomad awning,  Front Runner roof rack from Caos, Stedi rock lights, Throttle granade and there are some wicked mods to come: Nomad pdu battery, Full wrap, New rims and off road tyres, Snorkel, 2inch lift, Rear ladder, Bull bar and tow bar.

Go give Rachael a follow and watch her space folks! What a RIG Rachael and thank you so much for your stoke and support.

Follow Rachael HERE.

Lachlan Falzon's 1995 XG Falcon Panelvan.

"She's an XG but I put an XF Grille on her, She's my daily driver and just got a bit of paint on her, wacked some wheels on her and lowered. Nothing outstanding yet as she is my daily ( when it's not broken 😁 )."

Well Lachlan we think she is terrific. An outstanding Rig of the Week entry.

Ford Falcon Panelvan with Ken Oath sticker. Kenoath Clothing Co.

Joe Wadge's 1998 Chevy Silverado

"Yeah mate, it’s a 1998 Chevy Silverado. I use it to commute between Wyoming and Montana averaging 1000 miles a week mostly at night. Has a 350 engine, 4L80 transmission, 3” lift, 35” tires, twin 3” exhaust, built the Bullbar myself, hella rallye 4000 spotlights with 60 watt hid kit, 133 litre fuel tank and rattles down the highway at 90 mph no worries!!!

How fken good? An Aussie sending it huge in the States. Kenoath!

Matt Ausburn's XF Sidepipe Panno!

"She's 1990 Xf Ford Falcon Panel Van. Brought back to life with Full bare metal respray in Blaze Yellow and powered by Reconditioned 250 cross flow , van sits over a set of 18” USA Ramblers and with twin Patriot side pipes . In a previous life it was used for commuting to work, but now it’s driven on Sundays and often found out front the of Catho Pub." - Matt.

With a surname Ausburn - you'd have to have pipes like that wouldn't ya? 

Tom Carriera's  '73 Belmont Ute

"She's a bog stock 202 , Aussie 4 and banjo nothing flash. Bought it from a farmer earlier in the year and got it mocked it up like a rough Sandman, bolted a rooftop tent to the back, duel batteries and fridge and sent it from North East Victoria to the tip of Cape York and now down through the NT!" - Tom.

Tom. Mate this thing has captured our hearts! The spirit of adventure and larrikin is high in you. What a class way to see the red heart!

Pozza's Mazda 1985 B2000 1985

Pozza knows a thing or two about fine machinery being based in the town of Bathurst a half stubbie drive from Conrod Straight. What he has crafted with this ute is a credit to his vision and the Pozza Powercoating team.

"I bought her for $500.00 registered but not running! But with some fresh fuelwe were off and running!I slapped some 4in lowering blocks in it to improve the stance, powdercoatedthe rims in SKIER BLUE to match the tailgate. I have an amazing sandblaster at work and he did some sign writing on it that looks like its been on there since 85'.Then I got it buffed up, grill painted and sticker bombed the tailgate! It has been doing local deliveries ever since! "

Fucken love those wheels Brett. Insane job mate and thanks for your support.


Wayne 'Nugget"Nielson's 1992 OKA

Nothing could be more Aussie, than a Kenoath stickered OKA!  Nugget and his rig are both larger than life characters. We've seen this thing driving down the beach at DI and it stands our like dog's balls.

She's 1992 XT OKA fully Aussie built running a 4L 4cylinder Perkins Diesel running through a Spicer 5 speed box with Dana 60 up front and Dana 70 down the back. This things eats the sand dunes in central Australia and is the perfect exploration rig for Wayne and his lovely wife Wendy.

Wayne is a terrific fella and a great friend of Kenoath and it is an absolute honor to feature her in Rig of the Week. Stay tuned for the long awaited video.

William's '76 HX Kingswood Longroof.

"Goldie is a 76 HX originally from Mitchell in inner Queensland.It is powered by the mighty 202 with twin strombergs. The original colour is Contessa Gold with a Chamois Interior She's my daily driver for everything, from the bach to the bush. My first true love"



Brad's 1964 EH Wagon

Classic Cars Sunshine Coast 

Running it's original 179 and 3 speed column shift. I purchased the old girl in 2008 off a couple who usedit in their wedding and there wer a few tears when I drove her out of their driveway.

Since owning her I've restired the interior and exterior. Exterior is the original colour "salt bush green", white rood in which in my opinion is the best combo.

Brad has a wicked rage of classuc and muscle cars for event hire - CLICK HERE.

 Billy's '73 Series

Mate she's a 1985 73 series Mid wheel base Toyota landcruiser with a 1989 60 series 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine swap. Full ground up body off restoration. 2pac painted Chassis and body. Long range tank, larger brakes and clutch, intercooler, full sound and heat insulation. Customised pressed aluminium tub and storage drawers. Oh and fucking bewt Kenoath Sticker!"


Keely Jimny GLX 2022 Pink Edit.

This gorgeous lady lives a BIG life in this little rig. Subtle? Nah. That's how she likes it! If you spot off the track, give her a wave.....that's if you can catch her. Yewwww!

 Luke Guy's 1977 HZ GTS

How's this for a hard earned rig of the week. Luke purchased this tired weapon for $600. He swapped out the 308 for a 350 Chev running through Turbo 400 and 9 inch diff. It's been a 6 year resto which has turned out one sinister looking machine. See ya at next year's HQ Run Luke.  Photos courtesy of Bayside Streeters.
Ken Oath stick on Holden HZ

Gary's HJ Sandman

She’s a HJ XX7 Brisbane built 253 4 speed genuine sandman with original paint and trim. Last registration was 1981, it hasn’t seen the road since. She's Kenoath stickered and ready to rock.

Sandman with Ken Oath sticker

Kenoath sticker on Holden Sandman