Every week we feature a Kenoath stickered rig.
Anything with an engine and forward propulsion qualifies.
In December voting will begin to decide the Kenoath Rig of the Year.
Send ya piccies to [email protected] 

Tony Ivastchenko's '84 Toyota Landcruiser Ute

kenoath toyota landcruiser kenoath sticker

Al Greentree's HK Wagonkenoat sticker surf surf wagon holden hk ken oath

Airboard's Sandman Work Van.

kenoath sandman holden van ken oath sticker

Craig Compton's SLR5000

Gordon Hodgson's 351 powered XE

Matthew Gormley's XY 4wd

Gavin Ramsay 2010 GU Patrol

Paul McLennan's Losi Baja Rey 1/10 Truck.

Chris Bemet's XR Falcon

Adrian White's Kenoff Colorado

Andrew Nex's 69 XW Falcon Wagon

Joe Fuller's VZ Commodore Ute

Nathan's '81 Skicraft Stinga with 350 Chev 

Steve Knox's XK Ford Falcon Panno  

Steven Adam's '84 GK Sigma\Sigma wagon with ken oath stickers kenoath

Cody McKay Motorsports Aussie Racer

Dave North's '77 Chev Ute with 2 litre Turbo

Joe Fuller's Myers Manx Buggy. beach buggy with ken oath sticker

Alan Burton's XG Falcon Schlongreach Panelvan

David Anderson's '06 2008 Landcruiser Troopy