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Kenoath is an Australian streetwear label 

blending wheels & waves subcultures + Aus life.


The Kenoath namesake is one of Australia’s most loved slang words.  

For some finding our brand is a sense of discovery, ‘does it really mean that?’  For others, the brand immediately speaks to them and resonates with their positivity and enthusiasm.

In a nutshell Kenoath is Australian for YES.

Our designs veer from trend. More like wearable art, Kenoath captures the detail and richness of the 1970/80's and blends a vintage feel with a modern style.

Wearing Kenoath is fun. You see the downward glance, the smirk, the nod and the wink.

“Where'd ya get the shirt?”  

Be prepared, you will be noticed. Friends-to-be will love your tee.

The Kenoath logo has two spears in the design element and they have a special significance. The left spear points to our past with love and reverence and the right spear points confidently to the future.

Fashion is a material expression of you and it conveys your personality and vibe. Kenoath is all about positivity and enthusiasm and we hope this aligns with you.

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