Paris & Reggie







It's 6.30 am on the Cunningham highway. Paris and Desi have travelled out to shoot in front of a derelict 'servo'. As they pull up to the location their hearts sink. No Trespassing signs everywhere! We either find another location or risk it. "Fuck it. Let's risk it!"

So Desi flicks Paris the teeny pink bikini. Five minutes later the early morning truckies are confronted with a tanned supermodel, with mile high legs, strutting across the highway. Plenty of toots and no doubt a few spilt Ice Breakas!

After ten minutes a furious cow cockie races out out to scare them off.

"Didn't you read the signs?". 

 "Aw mate we're just taking a couple of snaps".

Giggling like naughty kids, the duo drive off in Reggie to find a quiet back road.

It was an absolute honour and privilege to capture the essence of this spectacular lady. Landygirl herself is an extremely talented videographer. She creates the most lush and beautiful travel clips of her adventures.

View Paris' You Tube Channel here  

Paris is a free spirit and moves to the beat of her own drum. Her greatest love is Reggie. A most handome, rugged and character filled Landrover Defender 110.

We love the contrast of Paris wearing the Kenoath Pink Bikini to an audience of cows and consider this one of the all-time iconic images Kenoath has captured. The cows agree. 

Paris, thank you for bringing so much sass, attitude and glamour to the Dream Machine Project. You are spectacular beyond comprehension with a smile that could launch rockets! 

It's been our honour to share space with you. We look forward to keeping up with your adventures and beautifully crafted stories.