Meggan - XC Falcon Cobra

This feature is inspired by the iconic image of 70's pin up superstar Farrah Fawcett sitting on the bonnet of a Stang. We wanted to create a version Australia, could be proud of, done in the Kenoath pin-up way. Paired with one the most iconic musclecars this country has built - The 1978 Ford Falcon XC Cobra.

Introducing Meggan! The assignment was clear. The lady for this shoot had to emmit 1970's glam, curvy lines to match the big Falcon and a powerful stance to stare down the lens! Meggan is a dear friend of the Kenoath family and fittingly this photoshoot took on a meaning deeper than most, as explained by Desi.

"The XC Cobra holds a place in the my heart. Memories of '77 with Moff and Bond crossing the line for the famous 1 - 2 to the launch of the Cobra in '78.... to my mate up the road that had one in our twenties. I have always wanted a Cobra! When I devised the Kenoath Dream Machine Project this car just had to be featured. I wanted to create an Aussie pin up version reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett. Meggan is an absolute bombshell and it has been an absolute thrill and honour to create this with her together. We hope what we have created will endure and does this iconic car justice."




Massive thanks to Troy Postle for featuring your insane Falcon! Troy, we are so grateful for your generousity of time and support of this project. We trust your big Falc now endures and sits with reverence in the Australian musclecar scene. Thank you mate!