35I WINDSOR  ✔ 🤣 


In central Queensland there's no Versace shopping malls, botox smoothie booths and high society. The streets aren't laced with Audi driving pouting influencers. This a place with dusty roads and hardy folk with machines that are lifted, oooofed with Tuff bars and a gazillion watts of spottie power.

Just imagine are sitting at the lights and the thunder and rumble of thunderous V8 shatters your eardrums.

You look down......and scope this demon looking Fairlane. You wipe your eyes and see inside a goddess behind the wheel...wearing a crop top that is more crop than top.

Meet Angela.



Angela runs the stupendoulsy lush Instagram page  a_girl_a_guy_her_jeep photographed by hubbie Taidgh. 

This little Jeep girl has a following all over the world...and here's a little secret. Their Jeep is not your average jigger. She runs a healthy supercharged V6 delivering "plenty" of herbs. Yep std officer!

Angela and Taidgh have become very dear friends of the Kenoath family. We joke ( sorta ) of relocating the Kenoath office to Keppel Island. mmmm.

Recently when they visited Brissie, we decided to jump into the studio for a couple of snaps. So here's Ang with bandaids, scabs and bruises, fresh from her latest stack on the skateboard haha - no spray tan - no make up - no lippie - no worries.


Over drinks the couple disclosed a special project. The machine was announced and the Angels feature was pencilled in. Due to the interesting times we live in, a number of northern trips were postponed but Taidgh took the reigns and has done a schmick job photographing his beautiful wife.

We are so very proud to showcase Angela and her modest little Fairlane - Demonz

Angela says "yeah I get a few looks in the Fairlane."

Honey!, you would get looks wearing a potato sack driving a Lada Niva.

"So what's it like?"



351 Windsor breathing via a straight thru 3inch SS exhaust. Std officer! Solid running gear with the original cruisomatic auto and 9 inc diff. That'll do it.

This machine is mainly untouched, with a little drop, tinted windows and those sweet 12 slotters. The original hub caps are wrapped up and have never (been) used. Better than bitcoin. The mindblowing stand out of this machine is the paint work and the patina effects Taidgh has lovingly applied. It's dead set jaw dropping.

Taidgh, thank you so much for the amazing pics mate. They are truly fabulous.

Thank you Angela for your tremendous support of Kenoath. Your spirit, kindness and friendship means the world to us. 

Your sense of adventure, pure joy and love of life is intoxicating.

You are the Dream Machine.