Mill - HQ Ute

These boots are made for walking.

The back story of this shoot. How the universe lined up Mill & Bill. We spotted zany Mill when she tagged us on Instagram. Here's this bombshell washing her Kenoath stickered 80 series in boots + bikinis. Kinda wild tom-boy vibe with killer looks. Obviously no pavement princess, Mill just stood out as a lady entrenched in her lane outside the run of the mill. No pun intended.

Meanwhile Desi had captured and identified Billy's ute as his favourite at the the 2022 HQ Run. Unbeknown, Billy had won one of the Kenoath prizes at the raffle until fate brought them together later that day in the carpark. 

One thing was certain. This ute was going to be in the Kenoath Dream Machines Project. We just needed a lady that looked strong, striking and edgy. Mill is the epitome of Kenoath! 

Mill, you morphed into 1970's pin up supermodel  and gave us sass beyond our imagination. We were so blessed to capture you in this window before your travel adventures. This shoot took Kenoath to the next level. Among the most stunning we have ever captured! We can't wait to reveal the hero shot from this set....

Thank you Mill and thank you Billy.