Tash - Mack Truck.

"The moment my finger hit the button I knew we had captured something special. This pic makes my heart thump with joy and love. I may be biased but this image of Tash, is pure pin-up fantasy."

- Desi, Kenoath.

 Tash was driven to create a 1970s vintage trucker poster vibe for her Dream Machine Feature

So the phone call was put through to Marshall....

She's my old hot rod. She's an ex logging truck from Tasmania. 1984 Series one Mack Superliner running a a V8 E 500 coupled to a 18 speed Mack Gearbox. Just cool 80's fast Truckin! - Marshall Watego

Tash, thank you for driving us down a lane few dare to travel. Thank for being fiercely loyal and caring. It's been a trip. You are a spectacular beyond measure. 

Marshall, you are a ridgy didge legend old son. Not even a blink of the eyes with a supermodel prancing around your front yard. Great to see the A Team back together and featuring in the Kenoath Dream Machine Calendar.