Crystal - The Lambo.




There's only one lady who could pull off this costume!

Here's a power source with drive and intention in her eyes. It was Crystal who drove and manifested this machine into our being. She wanted a Lambo. She got a Lambo!

Behind the scenes Crystal has been integral in supporting us in the pursuit of our goals and dreams. Capturing these moments and curating these images has been an absolute privilige.

This was more than just a photoshoot. This was a moment in time when a special lady was in the process of changing her life and moving forward to chase her dreams.

In so many ways, she helped us do the same. You are amazing Crystal. Thank you!

Massive thanks to Brett at Cooparoo Paint and Panel for hosting us and showcasing your amazing machine. We seldom feature modern cars - but this thing is an absolute ball tearer! A true Dream Machine.

You can chase your dreams. You just gotta take the first step.