Aysha - VW Kombi

The grace of first light spilled over the horizon and on to the rocks at Black Head Ballina. The '64 Type 2 Splittie gently rolled over the sandy car park pointing it's nose into the gold rays. A machine of such magnificence, it dared push the sun and her rays back over the ocean's edge.

Then ethereally Aysha emerged, glowing and blending into this breath-taking morning. Stepping up onto the rocks, we snapped Aysha staring into the first morning rays. This was going to be special.

A split windscreen Kombi was always destined to feature in the Kenoath Dream Machines project. As the universe would have it...so was beautiful Aysha.

Massive thanks to Jason Moss, the owner of this very special machine - A 1964 Type 2 Volkswagen with 1600 motor, Red9 Frontend in the most gorgeous Weis/ Aquarius Blue.

Jason was the master mind behind this shoot and has been such a terrific supporter of Kenoath. Thank you mate for sharing your very special Dream Machine. 

If you would like to hire this amazing machine get in touch with Mossy at Byron Kombi Limo

Thankyou Aysha for blessing this Dream Machine feature with your beauty, grace and serene presence. You are Amazing!