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The Kenoath Straddie Dreaming. The FJ45 Mens Tee - Grey Marle

The Kenoath Straddie Dreaming. The FJ45 Mens Tee - Grey Marle

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The FJ45 is a cult vehicle among surf anglers. They are becoming rarer every year with the rust catching up with many rigs. Fortunately, there are many rigs being kept well and plying our coastlines.

Nothing looks more natural than spotting a FJ45 slowly cruising down the beach. How the Japs ever created a vehicle that just belongs here is unexplained. They have become Aussie folklore.

Captured here in her natural habitat - North Stradbroke Island is one of our mate's style sides. He's been cruising Straddie for years, pulling fish and sinking piss. The detail in this pencil-drawn masterpiece is insane.

We hope this Coastal Cruiser finds it's way into your collection. Wear it well with reverence and respect.

Made from 100% combed cotton, in a great classic T cut. These tees are super comfy and pre shrunk to minimise shrinkage. But we still reckon it's a good idea to throw your tee into a cold wash, in a mesh laundry bag, to preserve the life of the design. Better yet, avoid the dryer - then it should last forever! ;-)

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