Kenoath Sticker Statement from Des Hughes - Owner of Kenoath.

Kenoath Sticker Statement from Des Hughes - Owner of Kenoath.

Over the past 6 months we have received hundreds of DMs, e-mails and phone calls from our followers regarding another Australian business giving away Ken Oath stickers.

This is our official statement from Des Hughes - Owner and Founder of Kenoath Clothing Co.

"Kenoath has been marketing and selling Kenoath merchandise for over a decade. It is our name. It is our brand. Stickers do not fall under any trademark category. Suffice to say we have tradmark protections in the categories that fit our product mix - some dating back to 2008.

This week Kenoath sold our 3000th sticker. That's a lot of cars and beer fridges we adorn. We will stick in our lane and bring smiles to Aussies and continue to produce cool threads and the Best streetwear stickers in Australia.

It is our honour and great privilege so many Aussies display their stoke with a Kenoath sticker. We are not a multi national giant. We are a great small Australian business producing the highest quality Australian stickers.

We have no desire to comment on the actions of others. Our customers are percpetive, passionate and incredibily loyal. We focus on them!"

To learn more about the history of Kenoath, this interview of The History of Kenoath Clothing Co reveals the journey going back over a decade.

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  • Dee

    Great post. Just love the vibe of your brand and business! Keep up the great designs and great products :)

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