Kenoath Sticker Performance.

Kenoath Sticker Performance.

Stop the PRESS. It's the biggest development in perfomance gains since Brockie's Polariser. It's the Kenoath Performance Sticker Sheet. We've put out some amazing stickers in the decade since we launched in 2012....but this is something else.

We have the Kenoath Dealer Team themed Holden Sticker.

We have the Kenoath XC Ford Falcon Cobra Sticker.

We have the Kenoath Hi Perfomance Sticker.

We have the Kenoath Hemi Sixpack Sticker

We have the Kenoath Toyo Sticker

and last but not least, we have the Kenoath Bathurst Sticker.

In-store now at $12. That's 2 bucks per sticker for the ultimate in wack-on sticker performance.

Wack on performance - click here


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