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kenoath model dring ford falcon

The sun had just popped over the roof of the Good Year building at the Gabba. I was excited and nervous as shit.

Our gun photographer Virgil, was loaded and ready to shoot and the star was about to enter the scene. Slowly rumbling towards us was a menacing-looking Ford Falcon XB John Goss Special. A cafe full of cyclists collectively gawked at the beast as it rolled past. I pointed to the spot and it lumbered right into place - smack bang in the middle of Logan Rd. No worries.

It sat there rumbling at idle with that exhaust smell and burble that only a 1970s V8 can make. It's the kind of car that makes you weak at the knees. Here in front of me was Australian muscle car royalty.....and I was standing to attention. I knew there was something a bit different about this 302 powered Henry. It sounded a little "worked" I shook the hands of Lachlan the owner and asked him. "You done a bit work on it mate?" "Nah mate pretty standard"....and I looked down and saw the 393 decal on the side and looked back at the twinkle in his eye.

I had tingles all over as I walked back to my car to brief our gorgeous model Laura. Chefs seek to blend ingredients and so too do the founders of Kenoath. So it was time to unleash this beauty and introduce her to the beast. I knew Laura would be perfect for this shoot. She possesses strength and confidence and I knew her impossibly long legs would blend perfectly with the sweeping lines of the Falc.

I flicked Laura the Kenoath singlet and she changed without a blink of modesty behind a small shrub and then walked out to greet us. Boom! Standing in high heels, I think she must have measured 7ft high. Bloody hell. This was going to be fun!

So we witnessed our first near casualty as three lycra-clad male cyclists nearly lost their shit as they rounded the corner. Bang in the middle of the road was a proud and tanned, g-string booty - not your most common site at 6.30am in Brissie! No wolf whistles (thanks fellas) just a very audible "holy shit did you see that".

We sprung to action and started to capture the goodness. We had a few near misses, cars nearly crashing into us, over the curb, necks snapping, near bike stacks and a mini crowd forming. About 20metres away a stern-looking bloke in a suit was being filmed doing a piece on road safety and here we were sprawled all over the road as if we owned it. 

Everything was going to plan and all the shots were morphing into my vision. The symbolism of the Story Bridge and crossing into the unknown and the strength of her pillars. But the real star attraction was my very favourite building in Brissie which I have been in love with since I was a kid. The "Good Year" also symbolising this year 2019 - the relaunch of Kenoath. The confidence and power of Laura driving into the future with a strong yet soft resonance - a metaphor for the Kenoath brand.

Virgil launched into action and worked his magic. He's such an intuitive fellow and aligned with our simple ethos. I wanted this shoot to be cheeky not overtly sexy.  There's skill in refrain and I reckon we achieved this. My great mate Seanie stepped into the shoot and added just the right touch of masculinity and confidence. The chemistry between Sean and Laura was special and this made it easy to create the scenes. Ingredients.

Thank you to Old School Aussie Fords for hooking us up with Lachlan and his special car. Lachlan, mate thank you for your time and trusting us with your amazing car. You are a champion!

Massive thanks to Laura. We became friends in an instant. You immersed yourself into the shoot with a true belief and have become a wonderful ambassador for our brand. Like attracts like.

When Virgil sent me the final edit and I watched the video for the first time, it sent chills all over me. The video captures absolutely everything about the rise, positivity and confidence of Kenoath. You, my friend, are a genius.

I am really proud of what our team has created.  We have captured the positivity of Kenoath and portrayed the streets of Brissie with a cool edginess. Not bad for a 40sec Promo Vid.

Be sure to tune in next Saturday.



 Oh My Goss | Is she Quick? Kenoath Promo Video

Premieres on Saturday 14/9/19 at 4pm on the Kenoath Youtube Channel.




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