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Kenoath Clothing Co Brisbane based Streetwear Compamy Ken Oath


Wiping the sleep out my eyes and running on remnants of Monkey Shoulder, I jumped on the Kenoath Mongoose BMX. A course of adrenaline washed away my sleep deprivation and excitement began to pump through my veins. 

I carved a full arc on my pushy and propelled down Brisbane City's Goodwill Bridge - and so into my future. With a camera pointed at me, there was no turning back!

The crew at the Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge greeted me with hugs and laughter. These chaps led by the magnificent Brendan Harris were all spiffed and splendid in the new Kenoath clobber.

Sometimes in life, synchronicities, people and places align perfectly. And on this beautiful Brisbane morning, I truly felt it. The great unknown was manifesting the very vision I have always held for Kenoath.  Over the past couple of months, the Kenoath project has transformed into a collective of creativity, love and collaboration, the likes of which I could not have foreseen.

This morning the vibe of our team was infectious and I was delighted at the way Brisbane welcomed and embraced the Kenoath range. Nervous much? Hell yeah! Words can not convey strongly enough my depth of gratitude to Brendan Harris. His support and encouragement towards this project has been mighty. I am in awe of his energy and creativity. You are a true inspiration mate.

This morning the logo of Kenoath became real. It transcended beyond concept and into the real. The spear arrows either side of the Kenoath logo have a special significance. The left spear points to our past with affection and reverence and the right arrow points confidently to the future.

There are many many thankyous I'll be delivering over the next couple of days. I am truly blessed and feel humbled by the support I have received from very special folk who have immersed themselves into Kenoath. 

Thank you for discovering Kenoath.



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