Australia Remembers 2020

Australia Remembers 2020

During the catastrophic bushfires, Aussies looked not at their elected representatives for leadership and inspiration. They turned to each other.

The firefighters both full time and volunteers, the ambos, the police, the army, the navy, and countless fellow Aussies......they became the true leaders and heroes of Australia. 

Backs to the walls, the recovery was strong and inspired. The people of Australia rallied together from corporations, companies, celebrities and every day Aussies. The generosity of response was terrific.

Ironically, they say there is always growth after a fire.  After their lands, homes and hearts healed the great nation of Australia rose from the ashes of media doom and gloom.
In 2020, the nation grew closer. Not through legislation, prose, nationalism or symbolism. They grew closer because of kindness. That became the spirit of Australia.


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