#23 Warne has left the field.

#23 Warne has left the field.
2 moments that shocked the World.
The first was when a young blond man from Victoria spun a ball past Mike Gattings blade and smashed into his stumps. Millions of kids stopped running in like Lillee......the cricketing World was revived. The explosion of cricket throughout the World ......and the pure understanding and connection between the cricket pitch, grass, soil, footmarks wear and tear......and the nuance of day 5 came to the fore.
Cricket is not played on synthentic surfaces in controlled environments.....it's a game of immenses skill and a high level of mental game man ship. Warne was the best bowler the World has even seen.....a skill with the ball never seen before.....but he was also a master of tactics and sledge. He served under some great captains, Tugga, Tubs and Punter.......and for them he was the most lethal weapon in the arsenal. The sound of the whizz of a cricket ball through the air.......the immense skill required for accuracy to land it on a dime on a spot....is lost on few.....but admired by millions. The man was a freak.
It was my honour to sit at the MCG on that freezing cold Boxing Day at the MCG when he took his 700th. The man was larger than life and not even Hollywood could confect such a true fken hero.
..........and now.
#23 has left the field.
Bowled Shane.

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