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kenoath miss frothy 1978 sticker waves surf babe
kenoath beer sticker ken oath flag aussie
kenoath logo sticker wagon surf cruiser longbord holden kingswood
kenoath  hr holden sticker
kenoath cassette retro road trip music ken oath
kenoath ford falcon logo sticker xb
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The WHEELS & WAVES 10 Sticker Pack - LARGE.

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The Kenoath WHEELS & WAVES 10 Sticker Pack is huge.  ( check the video )

It's a bigger pack than the first edition and is printed in high quality 3year UV resistant ink.

We've kept a few favourites and wacked in some epic beer fridge stickers for the sizzling summer season.

What's inside your pack?

* Miss Frothy 1978 - 

* Girt by Beer

* Kenoath Logo White

* The Endless Esky - Large

* The Road Trip Cassette Mix '96

* Kenoath Sandman Logo

* Kenoath / Chiko

* Single Fin

* Kenoath Long Logo White - small

Thanks for your support. Have a rip-snorter Summer.