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Mates Help Mates- Mens Black Singlet

What does Australia Day 2020 mean?

The narrative of our history has been irrevocably changed over the past couple of weeks. For some Australia Day meant the birth of a nation, for other the invasion of a nation and for most a rollicking good day to share with friends and families.

Here at Kenoath, Australia Day forever on, means caring about your mate.....whether it be the bloke next door or the family down south who just lost their home in the bushfires!

We acknowledge the outstanding support Aussies have directed to the NSW and Victoria Fire Services. It's fantastic! What we would like to do is help with the recovery.

When you purchase this tee, we will direct all profits to the Salvation Army. The Salvos are the heart and soul of this country.

I will personally be contacting you and updating you on the progress of this appeal. Funds will be deposited weekly on the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of January.

We hope you dig the tee and wear it with love and pride. Thank you for discovering Kenoath and thank you for helping our mates.

That's what we fken do!

Thank you, Des founder of Kenoath Clothing Co.

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